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    Are you under 18 and want to volunteer for Alexandria City Public Schools?

    If you are under 18, you will be required to obtain parental consent.




    1.  You will need to read through the following directions and then at the bottom of the page is the button you must click.  That button will take you to our electronic signature portal, DOC HUB.


    2.  Once you go to DOC Hub, your parent/guardian will need to sign in/establish a sign in by providing their name and email address. It will also ask them to establish a password. 


    3.  For some, it will ask them to check their email account for verification.  Make sure to check your "SPAM" email folder as sometimes the verification will land in that type of folder.


    4. Your parent/guardian will then be able to access the consent form on DOC Hub. Where they will:

    1. Click "Fill A Copy"

    2. Click the "Agree To Use Electronic Records and Signatures

    3. Type in the under 18 youth name

    4.  Electronically sign and date the form

    5.  Click "Finalize"


    5.  When they complete the signing, our Volunteer Department will receive notice and follow up with more information/confirmation. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.


    NOTE:  You can also print out the form as needed, have your parent/guardian sign and bring it to ACPS Central Office at 1340 Braddock Place.  Office of School, Business and Community Partnership's Office on the 5th floor. 



    Under 18