• Summer Bridge Requirement

    Summer Bridge for 2021will run Tuesday-Friday, July 6-16. The program will be 100% virtual again this year.

    Students will participate in three sessions each day from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

    The sessions will focus on:

    • College Research and Writing
    • Orientation to GW and Blackboard
    • Healthcare Careers

    Recordings of the online sessions from Summer 2020 and 2021 will be available for students through their GW Blackboard account.

    Students must complete their application, claim their NET ID, and set up their GW-Blackboard account in order to view the session and participate in Summer Bridge.

    Step 1: Apply To George Washington School of Medicine & Health Sciences

    Please watch the video and review the instructions before applying to GW. The information you provide is part of your permanent record.

    You will need to use a non-ACPS student account to communicate with GW.

    Step 2: Claiming Your Net ID

    Within 48-hours you should receive an email from GW with your GWID number and a link to the website for creating your NET ID. Please keep in mind your NET ID will be used for your GW email and Blackboard login, so use something you will remember and are comfortable using for the rest of high school.  If you forget your this information it can only be re-set through GW, not ACPS.So keep this information somewhere safe.

    Please watch the video and read the instructions BEFORE creating your ID.

    If you need help during any step please email SMHSstudents@gwu.edu.