Collaborative MacArthur and Patrick Henry Swing Space Committee

  • In May 2019, ACPS set up the Superintendent's Patrick Henry and Douglas MacArthur Collaborative Committee. The committee includes members who had been on a Patrick Henry Advisory Group when it was under construction as well as representatives from both school’s PTA, staff members, RPCA, Civic Association liaisons and school board and city council members. 

    The role of the committee is to:

      • Represent interests that support a successful visiting occupancy of Douglas MacArthur on the Patrick Henry site
      • Identify concerns and challenges of the dual use
      • Propose solutions as they arise during the dual occupancy
      • Facilitate positive relationships between the two schools and communities

    The two chairs selected for this committee are: Michael Doney, who represents Patrick Henry, and Dana Chambers, a Douglas MacArthur representative.