Where Are We Now?

Educational Design and Construction Timeline
  • As of November 2021:

    The project is now in the design development phase. In March 2021, Perkins Eastman and ACPS presented three design concepts - Hand, Crescent and Pinwheel - to the community. After recieving feedback from the community, the Superitendent's Advisory Board and internal stakeholders, the design concepts were revised and narrowed down to the Hand and Pinhweel options. 

    After another round of input, the concepts were presented to the School Board for selection at its April 8 meeting. The School Board selected the Pinwheel Concept for the new Minnie Howard site. In May 2021, Perkins Eastman sent ASCPS the Concept I and II submissions. In June 2021, ACPS received the schematic design submission from Perkins Eastman and moved into the design development phase.

    In August 2021, the project team continued to refine the site design with 16 focus group meetings with internal staff and users. The final layout for the aquatic facility was also selected. Loring Engineering Consultants joined the team as the commissioning agent, and the team is in contract negotiations with an external project support partner.

    As we move through the next phase towards construction, we strongly encourage you to keep an eye on this website for updates, meeting dates, documents, research and other information as we move through this process together.