Our Values

  • Our students will tell you that our diversity is our strength and we agree, but we have a history of sometimes allowing differences to create division that inhibits learning. That is why we cannot let our past dictate the future. 

    Superintendent Gregory Hutchings said, “This is going to set the stage for the next generation and will change the trajectory of ACPS.”

    ACPS has outlined the values for this redesign: 

    • Connected Community
    • Diversity as Strength
    • Experiential Learning

    The driving force behind the project is equity, but let’s be clear, equity is not equality, instead, it’s providing the opportunity, the access and the resources and supports each student needs to help them achieve success.  Whether that means heading to university or getting a job that earns a livable wage, we want every ACPS graduate to have access to what they need to make that happen.

    That is why the Educational Design Team embraced the following values when they developed programming options for the future high school experience:

    • Equity of Opportunity & Access for All Students
    • Relationships & Community
    • Student Achievement
    • Student Choice & Flexibility over Multiple Pathways to a Diploma

    ACPS also wants to expand student learning into the Alexandria community where more hands-on options can be provided. It is important to take advantage of this city’s location, and proximity to the Nation’s Capital, to build partnerships with businesses and higher education. 

    The High School Project has assembled an Industry Advisory Board with members who work in the areas of: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, the arts, education and human services, business and government who will provide educators with guidance on specific qualifications, certifications, skills, experiences and coursework students need. These partnerships will lead to internship opportunities and real life experiences for our students.