Past Superintendents

Past ACPS superintendents
  • ACPS recognizes the hard work put in by former superintendents of Alexandria City Public Schools. These superintendents started the work that we are seeing come to fruition and deliver results today. It is usual for the work of one superintendent to show up in the outcomes delivered by their successor. We thank them for their service and contribution to making ACPS what it is today.

    The photo above shows six superintendents, interim superintendents and the current Superintendent of Schools for ACPS in the order in which they served (from left to right): Superintendent Dr. Herb Berg (1995-2001); Superintendent Rebecca Perry (2001-2008); Superintendent Dr. Morton Sherman (2008-2013); Superintendent Dr. Alvin Crawley (2013-2017); Interim Superintendent Dr. Lois Berlin (2017-2018); and current ACPS Superintendent of Schools Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr.

    Interim Superintendent Dr. Lois Berlin (2017-2018)

    Dr. Berlin was appointed as interim superintendent for ACPS while the division conducted a nationwide search for a permanent superintendent. Dr. Berlin served as superintendent of Falls Church City Public Schools from 2004 to 2011 and was associate superintendent for curriculum and instruction for ACPS prior to that.

    Superintendent Dr. Alvin Crawley (2013-2017)

    Dr. Crawley is credited with beginning equity work at ACPS. He realized that students need social and emotional support outside of the classroom to see success inside the classroom. Following his term as ACPS superintendent, he joined the faculty at George Mason University’s Education Leadership Program.

    Superintendent Dr. Morton Sherman (2008-2013)

    Dr. Sherman was brought in to make changes and tackle some of the division’s long-term issues. He serves as Associate Executive Director for Leadership and Awards at AASA, The School Superintendents Association, where he is responsible for programs that support aspiring and sitting superintendents.

    Superintendent Rebecca Perry (2001-2008)

    While serving as superintendent, Perry oversaw an increase in SAT scores; a jump in the number of fully state-accredited schools from two to 14; an increase in the number of schools meeting state requirements for Adequate Yearly Progress; improvements in the minority achievement gap; and the turnaround of Matthew Maury Elementary School.

    Superintendent Dr. Herb Berg (1995-2001)

    “Achievement gaps are not unique to ACPS. They’re a ‘knotty problem’ nationwide, which educators have been working to address for decades. It is rooted in, essentially, the whole issue of poverty, which negatively impacts learning and language acquisition at an early age, causing children to start behind the curve. The focus needs to be on three-year-olds and up so that we do everything you can in those early, early years,” Dr. Berg said in 2019.