Douglas MacArthur Advisory Group

  • Overview

    The Douglas MacArthur Advisory Group will be made up of representatives from different parts of our community. Those selected to serve will need be expected to represent the views of their community and stay up-to-date with the process. 

    The Douglas MacArthur Advisory Group will meet approximately once a month, and: 

    • Represent the interests of the community;
    • Provide feedback on the design;
    • Attend monthly meetings
    • Read and review material prior to coming to meetings;
    • Identify possible challenges and propose solutions;
    • be a conduit for feedback and input between the advisory group and your community or agency throughout the process.

    The Douglas MacArthur Advisory Group will play a key part in the feedback process during the design process for the new building. They will provide input and feedback to a core team of ACPS staff and architects. There will also be a school team that will provide feedback from an educational perspective. 

    In addition to the Douglas MacArthur Advisory Group meetings, community-wide meetings will be held every other month. The dates for these meetings will be shared along with the project timeline at the first public meeting and posted publicly on the ACPS website. All meetings will be public.

    The Douglas MacArthur Advisory Group will be made up of:

    • Clover College Park Civic Association: Lisa Porter; 
    • Taylor Run Civic Association: Kelly Booz; 
    • Seminary Hill Civic Association: Bill Pfister;
    • Duke Street area representative: Jeanette Cisney;
    • PTA president: Kristina Seppala; 
    • School Board Member: Margaret Lorber; 
    • City Council Member: Amy Jackson; 
    • Planning Commission: Mindy Lyle; 
    • Alexandria Redevelopment Housing Association Representative: Gaynelle Diaz; gdiaz@ARHA.US
    • At-large Representative: Elliot Rhodeside;
    • Parks and Rec Commission representative: Dana Robert Colarulli;