Ferdinand T. Day Gym

  • ACPS opened Ferdinand T. Day Elementary School in August 2018. During phase I of the project, an existing office building was retrofitted into a dynamic education space for 650 students.

    Phase II includes an addition of a gym to use for physical education and as an auditorium. This space was not part of the first phase of the design due to the height limitations of the original facility.

    Physical education is currently held in a multipurpose room. In addition, a play space was created on the roof of an adjoining parking lot connected to the school with a bridge on the third floor.

    It was determined before doors opened to students that a gymnasium project that would complete the school would be designed and phased in a year after the school opened. In Fiscal Year 2019 the School Board and City Council approved $4.6 million in the Capital Improvement Project budget for Phase II of the project.

    A recent study determined the best place for a new gym would be between the parking lot and the school building. In order to allow for safe student drop-off and pick-up, as well as maintain deliveries and trash collection, the gymnasium will need to be elevated along the third floor of the school building.

    The project will be designed and built by the Hord Coplan Macht Whiting-Turner Team.


    September 2019 - May 2020: Design and Permitting
    Summer 2020 - Winter/Spring 2021: Construction

    View Preliminary Feasibility Study (PDF)

    Upcoming Meetings: 

    None at this time.

    Project Updates:

    June 30, 2020: Elevated Gym Preconstruction Community Meeting

    Whiting-Turner provided a presentation describing how the elevated gym will be constructed. This includes a timeline that has the project completed in the Spring of 2021.

    View the presentation here. (Link will be added soon.)

    View the recording here. (Link will be added soon.)

    February 19, 2020: Community Meeting

    The design for the elevated gym was discussed. This meeting focused on safety measures during the construction to include the drop-off and pick-up of students and the impact on daily operations. We reviewed the proposed design for the exterior and interior of the building. 

    View the video of the community meeting

    Ferdinand T. Day Gym Addition Presentation (PDF)

    October-December 2019: New Gym Design

    Progress was made on the addition of a raised gym at Ferdinand T. Day Elementary School in Q2. Design development commenced, the City Development Special Use Permit (DSUP) modification submitted and the community, including surrounding neighbors, was informed and engaged.

    It is anticipated that in Q3 construction documents will be completed, a Guaranteed Maximum Price Contract negotiated and further community engagement undertaken. Project hearings will also be scheduled.

     Rendering of gym design

    December 3, 2019: Phase II Elevated Gymnasium, Community Meeting Update

    The first community meeting for a gymnasium addition at Ferdinand T. Day Elementary School was held on December 3, 2019. The design team: Turner, Hord, Coplan and Macht and the builders: Whiting Turner, introduced the gymnasium project and provided details about what is envisioned. 

    When FTD was  built in 2017, its innovative concept that converted and office building into an elementary school was limited in two ways: it was not able to provide physical education space that matched requirements for such a space and use due to the constraints of the site. There also was not sufficient floor space or ceiling height for a stage for performances or assemblys. 

    The project aims to:

    1. Provide a larger gym than current physical activity space and a new stage which will serve the entire school and community events. 
    2. Provide permanent enclosed connection between school and playground.
    3. Add more storage space for the gym, stage and school.
    4. Fit a new gym addition design within the existing context.

    The proposed gymnasium, stage, office and storage space would connect the school building with the parking garage and the playground on upper floors and will be about 20 feet off the ground. 

    New gym space: 4500 gsf: 25’ high
    Existing multi-purpose platform: 180 gsf: 8’6” high
    New Stage: 665gsf: 20’ high
    General Contractor: Whiting Turner
    Architect: Hord Coplan Macht
    Civil Engineer: A. Morton Thomas
    Structural Engineer: CMTA Engineering
    Acoustics: Acoustic Design Collaborative

    The design will be completed and submitted to the City for Building Permit - February 2020. 

    Construction begins the summer of 2020.

    Construction is completed in the spring of 2021.

    View the presentation slides for FTD Gymnasium Project (PDF).

    View the video of the community meeting.