Douglas MacArthur Modernization

Kids reading in classroom
  • A new Douglas MacArthur Elementary School is scheduled to open its doors in January 2023. The original opening was scheduled for 2025, but in April 2019, the School Board voted to use swing space at the former Patrick Henry Elementary School for Douglas MacArthur students beginning in 2020. This decision allowed ACPS to move up the timeline for the Douglas MacArthur community.

    A total of $69,433,250 is set aside for the new school project in the proposed FY 2021-30 Capital Improvement Program Budget.

    There are several ways to be involved in the process.

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    Douglas MacArthur at Taney Avenue (Swing Space)

    Douglas MacArthur Elementary School will be moving as a school into the former Patrick Henry School in fall 2020 while a new school is built. 

    Read more about the plans for the swing space.

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