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    It Takes a Village
    ACPS LINK Club currently operates nine 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) afterschool programs funded by the US Department of Education serving over 500 students city-wide. And none of it would be possible without the hard work and commitment of so many supportive collaborators. Below are some of the extraordinary organizations, departments and people that deserve praise today and everyday for all they have done and will continue to do to serve our students afterschool.
    On Behalf of All the Students & Families Served,
    Thank You to our Co-Applicants!
    Thank you City of Alexandria DRPCA!
    Thank you for serving as co-applicants for ACPS' two school-based LINK Clubs located at Ferdinand T. Day and Francis C. Hammond. Your staff make it possible to offer free, comprehensive afterschool programs that include academic, recreational and enrichment opportunities during the critical hours of 3:00-6:00pm.
    Thank You
    Community Lodgings!
    Thank You Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority!
    Thank You
    Homes For America!
    Thank you for serving as co-applicants for our six community sites, providing space and staff support that allows ACPS to offer the only 21st CCLC programs in the state of Virginia that serve students in the communities where they live. Through these valuable partnerships, we are able to eliminate barriers to participation and provide an authentic environment for student and family engagement.
    Thank You Community Partners!
    Thank you Concerned Citizens Network of Alexandria (CCNA-RARE)!
    Thank you for facilitating grade-level mentoring groups each week with the students at Francis C. Hammond LINK Club. And thank you for maintaining essential relationships with families served and supporting the family engagement events offered to FCH LINK Club parents/guardians.
    Thank You INOVA
    Health Systems
    Thank you for teaching our students about the superpowers of fruits and veggies and the many yummy ways they can consume them!
    Thank You Literacy Council of Northern VA
    Thank you for helping eliminate barriers to family engagement by providing free English classes to ACPS immigrant parents!
    Thank You SCAN of Northern Virginia
    Thank you for supporting students and their families through the evidence-based Strengthening Families Program offered throughout the year!
    Thank You ACPS Departments!
    Thank you Transportation Services
    Thank you for ensuring our students are transported to LINK Club and home safely from programming each day. We know it is a lot of work to manage the routes and drive the extra hours on top of a long day. We appreciate you!
    Thank You Student
    Nutrition Services!
    Thank you for preparing afternoon and supper snacks for all the students participating in LINK Clubs!
    Thank You IT Services
    Thank you for setting up and delivering the chromebooks for students at community sites and for providing quarterly data reports!
    Thank you FACE!
    Thank you for the outreach services and the high-quality family engagement programs provided our students and families!
    And Last but Not Least
    Thank You to Our ACPS Teachers!
    Thank you ACPS Teachers!
    Thanks you for taking the time after a full day of teaching to provide the additional tutoring and remediation support to our students. And thank you sharing your numerous skills with students through the facilitation of LINK enrichment clubs. From volleyball to chess and from art to social justice, by sharing your talents and passions with students you help strengthen relationships and build the trust of students. From 6am to 6pm, thank you for all you do!
    As the old adage goes, it truly takes a village.
    Thank You All!
    ACPS LINK Club | 703-619-8055 | www.acps.k12.va.us
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