Facility Modernization Projects

  • October-December 2019: Vestibule Security and High School Project Updates

    Progress was made towards the secure vestibule project in Q2. The design of the vestibule was completed. Cost Proposals were Obtained and the job was awarded. Submittals and Shop Drawings were completed and construction has now started on this project.

    Rednering of ACHS vestibule upgrades

    Progress was also made toward The High School Project. The Educational Design Team continued to meet, a research panel was hosted, and the team continued working with the Educational Design Team on Educational Specifications for the programming.

    July-September 2019: Sports Playing Areas Update

    TCW Floor Planning and design is moving forward for the Parker-Gray stadium on the King Street campus of T.C. Williams High School. Facilities has reviewed CDs and moved forward with a plan to incorporate the DSUP conditions into the invitations to bid for construction. In the first quarter of this year, $7,000 in systemwide funds was spent on design services for the stadium.

    The gymnasium floor at the King Street campus has also undergone several rounds of repairs due to buckling of the wood floor. Water damage from the roof, ceiling and floor had contributed to the problem. Dampers were repaired, new actuators were put in, hot water fittings replaced, enthalpy drive belt, discharge air sensors, return fans, a new enthalpy transformer, condensate piping was replaced and oversized condensate drip pans were installed. Chilled water piping has been reinsulated and RTU door caskets were replaced by the end of the fourth quarter of FY2019.

    The repairs to the garage at T.C. Williams cost $61,000.

    Total amount spent on modernization projects for T.C. Williams High School King Street Campus between July through September 2019: $61,000.

    Total amount spent on modernization projects for T.C. Williams High School Minnie Howard Campus between July through September 2019: $4,555. This paid for painting services.

    In addition, systemwide funding paid for $226,000 at the Minnie Howard campus.

    These systemwide funds were spent:

    • Flooring: $6,000
    • Renovations: $36,000
    • Operation and Maintenance: Cafeteria: $14,000
    • School Nutrition Services: Cafeteria: $170,000