Facility Modernization Projects

  • October-December 2019: Cafeteria Renovations

    Progress was made on upgrades to the cafeteria services at John Adams Elementary School.. 

    Construction and permitting documents were completed for the cafeteria upgrades. The work was also put out to bid for construction services and a the construction contract awarded. The permit for the construction was approved.

    John Adams rendering of Cafeteria



    July-September 2019: Renovations and Sports

    John Adams

    The designs for the kitchen and cafeteria renovations are in the implementation phase.

    $25,000 was spent on painting.

    $1,709,000 for retrofitting and renovations.

    $4,000 on signage.

    Total amount spent on modernization projects for John Adams Elementary School between July through September 2019: $1,738,016.

    $31,500 in system wide funds were also spent at the school on:

    Asbestos Remediation: $11,000

    Furniture, Fixtues and Equipment: $14,000

    Mini-pitch soccer systems were installed and the acrylic finish systems were overlaid on existing asphalt courts: $6,500.