Facility Modernization Projects

  • January-March 2020: Building Envelope, Roofing, HVAC, Flooring and Interior Painting

    Building Envelope Repair Status: Initiation 

    This project will continue addressing building envelope needs around the school including tuck-pointing and caulking, to eliminate water intrusion. 

    • Progress through Q3: Inspection for water intrusion, leaks, etc. and the finalization of the scope of work for preparation for a proposal. 
    • Anticipated progress through Q4: Begin building envelope repairs, (caulking, tuck-pointing) around the school.

    Replace Flooring Status: Initiation 

    This project will abate asbestos-containing mastic, remove carpet and install luxury vinyl tile (LVT) in the kindergarten wing. 

    • Progress through Q3: Rooms were scoped for asbestos and delineated for remediation and flooring replacement. Quotes were received and contractors were procured for moving, abatement, monitoring, and installation. Scheduling has begun. 
    • Anticipated progress through Q4: Asbestos abatement and monitoring will be completed in Q4. The installation of flooring will commence and be completed over the summer.


    Roof Replacement Status: Planning/Design 

    This project entails a complete replacement of the existing roof. 

    • Progress through Q3: The design and construction documents have been completed. 
    • Anticipated progress through Q4: Begin bid solicitation; award contract.


    Building Infrastructure Repair Status: Implementation 

    This project will undertake a structural analysis of the south wing at masonry columns. 

    • Progress through Q3: Engineering consultant contacted for inspection and proposal for structural repair options of sagging and buckling of masonry walls at column joints. 
    • Anticipated progress through Q4: Structural report and design recommendations for repairs. 

    Interior Painting Status: Implementation 

    This project comprises a phased approach for interior painting throughout the school. 

    • Progress through Q3: Project scoped and estimates obtained for painting the hallways, rails, and stairways and contracts were being procured. Coordination with movers, abatement, monitoring, and flooring subcontractors to schedule various phases. 
    • Anticipated progress through Q4: Additional contract procurement for painting the library, conference area, and auditorium floors and walls. Painting of classrooms and hallway logos/graphics designed by William Ramsay administration will be completed during Q4. 

    Library Flooring and Shelving Status: Implementation 

    In a phased approach, work will include the temporary removal of the furniture, demolition of shelving/flooring, and installation of new carpet squares. In 2021 Q1, new shelving and new furniture will be added. 

    • Progress through Q3: The project was scoped and procurement of contracts for movers, abatement, and flooring was initiated.
    • Anticipated progress through Q4: It is anticipated that all work will be completed. 

    Auditorium Flooring Status: Implementation 

    This project comprises painting of the concrete floor, demolishing the existing carpet in the aisles/orchestra pit, and installation of new carpet squares. 

    • Progress through Q3: The project was scoped and procurement initiated. 
    • Anticipated progress through Q4: This demolition and installation project will be completed. 

    Replace HVAC Units Status: Planning/Design 

    This project entails the replacement of the existing four (4) rooftop HVAC units and associated controls. 

    • Progress through Q3: Design development was completed. 
    • Anticipated progress through Q4: The construction drawings will be completed and an Invitation to Bid will be posted with the subsequent awarding of a contract.

    Read the Quarter 3 report.


    October-December 2019: Roof Replacement Update

    Progress was made towards the roof replacement at William Ramsay Elementary School in Q2.The schematic design was completed and it is anticipated that construction documents will be completed and an invitation to bid posted in Q3.

    Ramsay roof before repair

    Ramsay roof before repair

    July-September 2019: Kitchen Update

    Over the summer Kitchen utilities were purchased and installed at a cost of $31,620.

    Total amount spent on modernization projects for the William Ramsey Elementary School between July through September 2019: $31,620.