Facility Modernization Projects

  • July-September 2019: Remediation and Renovations

    ACPS remediated asbestos and renovated floors using Capitol Improvement Project money set aside for James K. Polk. In addition, system wide funds helped pay for some of the flooring and also resurfacing and other work to the sports fields.

    Asbestos Remediation:$7,500.


    Total amount spent on modernization projects for James K. Polk Elementary School between July through September 2019:$25,561.

    Total additional amount spent out of system wide funds:$18,500.


    Sports Field:$6,500

    Additional Sports Amenities Donated to James K. Polk Over the Summer of 2019:

    Polk Repairs

    A Mini-pitch soccer systems was installed at James K. Polk Elementary School. The acrylic finish systems were overlaid on existing asphalt courts with peripheral fencing. Some minor punch list items still need to be done.