Facility Modernization Projects

  • January-March 2020: Window and HVAC Replacements

    Building Envelope Repair (Window Replacement) Status: Planning/Design 

    This project will replace the window systems throughout the school. 

    • Progress through Q3: Project Design was completed and documents were submitted and approved by the Architectural Review Board. 
    • Anticipated progress through Q4: Procurement documents will be prepared for an Invitation to Bid for general contracting services to commence in FY 2021.

    HVAC Replacement Status: Planning/Design 

    This project will replace all 16 Roof Top Units (RTUs) serving the entire school building. 

    • Progress through Q3: The City’s Architectural Review Board (ARB) waived the Roof Top Unit Screening requirement and extended the previous waiver. Enhanced design efforts commenced. Preliminary estimates were received. 
    • Anticipated progress through Q4: Completion of the bid, set drawings and posting of an Invitation to Bid (ITB) for construction with work anticipated to begin over the summer.

    Read the Quarter 3 report.

    Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy Modernization Update

    ACPS invested in HVAC and paint for the school over the summer months.

    HVAC: $28,000

    Paint: $13,000

    Total amount spent on modernization projects for Lyles Crouch Traditional Academy between July through September 2019: $41,000.