Colocation of City/School Services

  • Community needs throughout Alexandria including housing, recreation facilities, libraries, and health centers are increasing. Available land within land-locked Alexandria City is at a premium and the City has deemed it essential that sites owned by the City and ACPS are maximized to deliver the range of services our community will need in the future.

    Colocation is the term used when publicly owned sites are shared to provide multiple services. The goal is to maximize and deliver a range of services to the community.

    ACPS has been asked by the City to explore colocation options for City/School facilities on all school sites undergoing modernization. However, there are many options for colocation. Colocation can include:

    • Park and recreation services
    • Workforce, senior and affordable housing
    • Public library services
    • Public health clinics and services

    On December 16, 2019, the City published a statement around the colocation of services (PDF). This said:

    "To the extent feasible, spaces within school facilities will be designed, programmed and deployed in a manner that allows for utilization by multiple user groups – schools and the broader community. ACPS programming and capacity needs are the priority on school sites and will not be reduced to fit other uses,” the city wrote in a statement on colocation."

    In 2019, the City and ACPS began work on a Joint Facilities Master Plan. This process will be complete in 2021.

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