•   The Office of Community Partnerships and Engagement

    Strengthening The Education For ALL ACPS Students



    Our Vision:

    The vision of the Office of Community Partnerships and Engagement is to build broad-based, innovative partnerships that strengthen the education for all ACPS students. Through partnerships we can inspire civic engagement in students and encourage lifelong learners.



    Our Goals:

    *Support existing partnerships between ACPS and business/community groups to enhance the efforts of ACPS to be a high-performing school division 


    *Create new partnerships between the school division, local schools, businesses and community agencies to support the education of all children


    *Heighten community awareness of the desire of ACPS to actively partner with local businesses and community agencies 


    *Support the efforts and growth opportunities for family engagement and volunteers 


    *Investigate, develop and implement systems designed to increase strategic funding and programmatic support for ACPS 


     *Collaborate with parents and guardians in providing the high-quality services that they need to be leaders in the education of their children 


    *Encourage a sense of community ownership of our schools and support the development of the academic, social, physical, creative and emotional needs of students




    Office of Community Partnerships and Engagement

    1340 Braddock Place, Alexandria, VA, 22314