Learning Resources for Advanced Placement

  • The College Board has provided a one-page overview of how AP teachers can use the free, daily online practice in AP Classroom to check student understanding of each topic and skill in the course to ensure students are well prepared for exam day.


    AP teachers can access these additional resources to help them get set up with AP Classroom, such as:

    • Foundations: Learn how AP Classroom complements the new AP course and exam descriptions and offers students opportunities for practice and feedback throughout the year.
    • AP Classroom Demo: See a click-through demonstration of AP Classroom, that highlights how to assign, score, and interpret results from Topic Questions, Personal Progress Checks, and teacher-created assignments and quizzes from the AP Question Bank.
    • AP Quick Start Videos: Watch short tutorials on the recent features added to AP Classroom.


    Beginning March 25, 2020, free online video lessons developed by AP teachers will be available for the topics and skills typically taught in the final weeks of each AP course. Watch the videos at youtube.com/advancedplacement.