• movement resources



    Check out The Fab Lab for books, movement, art and STEM projects!

    the fab lab

    Check out Koo Koo Kanga Roo for lots of dance along videos that our students love!

    koo koo kanga roo


    Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga for tons of fun yoga videos with lots of awesome themes!

    cosmic kids yoga



  • story time resources


    Check out Read-Along with PBS Kids! for weekly read-alongs with Michelle Obama!
    michelle obama


    Check out Storyline Online for over 50 videos of children's book readalouds! 



    Check out Story Time From Space and watch an astronaut in space read a book to you!

    story time from space




    Check out We Are Teachers where children's authors are reading their books AND their favorite children's books!

    authors hold up books



    Check out Arts on the Horizon for their preschool/kindgerten story time videos!

    arts on the horizon



    Check out Save With Stories for more celebrities reading children's books, some books are read in Spanish!

    celebrities hold up childrens books