• Our Plan for the Continuity of Learning - April 2020

    Engaging in Learning at Home

Continuity Plan
  • On March 23, 2020, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam announced that all schools would be closed for the rest of the school year. To support students’ continuity of learning and to ensure that teachers, parents, guardians, and community members have the resources to support students’ academic progress while addressing their physical, social, and emotional well-being, Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) has created The 2.0 Enhanced Continuity of Learning Plan. This plan represents an extension and enhancement of the division’s prior plan to provide additional guidance and support until the end of this academic year. 

    Our primary focus is multi-faceted. The plan is designed to support ongoing instruction, provide internet access to students, and reinforce ACPS staff members’ connection with students, families, and the community during the closure. We are committed to supporting instruction through a variety of digital and non-digital materials, activities, and resources to continue learning at home. Some resources include a combination of video-lessons, web-based tools, individualized to support students during the closure include learning pathways, television, digital games, independent work, and more. 

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    Priority Standards

    The current COVID-19-related school closures present challenges and opportunities for ensuring continuity of student learning. Because of time constraints, teachers and students at all grade levels need support in addressing the required standards identified in the ACPS fourth quarter curriculum. Knowing that we could not replicate a full school day or the full scope of the fourth quarter curriculum in the current environment, curriculum team coordinators worked closely with representative teachers and administrators to identify Virginia Standards of Learning priorities for the next phase of our ​Learning-from-Home Framework.​

    Elementary K-5 Priority Standards 

    Secondary 6-12 Priority Standards​