• Meeting the Needs English Learners

    Plan for the Continuity of Learning

  • Equity and Access in Distance Learning: Overarching Principles

    English learners will receive access to the same challenging, high-quality academic content as all ACPS students. English Learner (EL) students will participate in grade-level instruction and activities as well as engage in English Language Development (ELD) activities to simultaneously learn content and develop English language proficiency. It is important for students to read, write, speak, and listen to English every day.  

    The Office of English Learner Services will collaborate with the content-area teams to ensure distance learning resources are accessible to all learners, including English learners. Teachers will ensure equity and access through intentionally scaffolded content materials, amplifying language, and literacy. EL teachers will scaffold and support teachers in designing content to be delivered remotely and will consistently communicate with families. 

    Additionally, ACPS has compiled ELD resources that incorporate a variety of reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities. English Language Development activities for K-2 students have been integrated into the K-2 learning packets. English Language Development resources and activities for grades 3-12 will be posted to the ACPS EL Office Canvas page for EL teachers to access and share with students. This page will be updated frequently. English Learner students and families will receive support from general education teachers, EL teachers, and school-based Parent Liaisons.

    Alexandria City Public Schools will:

    • Ensure internet connectivity for students;
    • Provide devices for students participating in distance learning (grades 3-12)  in order to access the learning activities;
    • Provide essential information in multiple languages to the extent possible;
    • Ensure assignments and tasks are student self-directed to the extent possible, so as to not to require parental/caregiver assistance for students to understand or complete tasks;
    • Design course materials and activities in ways that are accessible to all students; and
    • Share ELD recommended resources and activities via the ACPS EL Office Canvas page.

    Main Topics

    • Staff Guidance and Expectations for English Learners
    • Student Guidance and Expectations
    • Information for Parents/Caregivers

    Download the Continuity of Learning Plan (PDF)