24/7 Online Tutoring for Grades 6-12 FAQ

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    Where can middle and high school students go for extra support during the closure?

    ACPS students in grades 6-12 can get free face-to-face online tutoring any hour of the day and day of the week through Tutor.com.

    In what subjects does ACPS offer tutoring?

    Tutoring is offered for 67 subjects, including Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, World History and US History. Please go to ACPS-at-home for a list of all available subjects.  

    Does it include Advanced Placement courses and test prep support?

    Yes, AP and test preparation support is included. 

    What about writing support, can tutor.com help?

    Yes, students can get help writing essays from an essay writing tutor online. WriteTutor offers a  24-hour essay drop off for students. 

    Does Tutor.com offer this online tutoring in Spanish?

    Yes, Math, Science, and Social Studies are available en Español from 2 PM to 1 AM daily.

    What are the benefits of this kind of tutoring? 

    Ninety-five percent of ACPS students who have used Tutor.com have said it helped them and they would recommend it to a friend. Students are asked to rate every tutoring session to ensure their experiences were successful.

    Can students get the same Tutor more than once?

    Yes! Students can request tutors and can arrange weekly tutoring sessions with a favorite tutor. 

    How do students sign up?

    Go to Canvas, choose student resources, choose the subject and you will be connected with a tutor within 60 seconds.