In an effort to support our community, The ACPS Office of Community Partnerships and Engagement  has assembled resources related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Check back here for a growing collection of resources designed to help provide stakeholders (families, organizations, community) with access to online resources that are now in critical demand.

    This webpage is specifically to access resources aligned with SELF CARE & WELL-BEING RESOURCES. To go back to the main page with all of the different focus area resources, CLICK HERE.


    The table below offers the opportunity to sort, filter, view, print and download resources as needed in the Health Information Area of Support.  To expand on any resource, just click on that specific resource.  This is a live table and will be updated as we acquire more resources.

    If you are unable to view the table below correctly, please click SELF CARE & WELL-BEING to view on a separate page.