Summer Learning through Engagement and Enrichment for All

Summer Learning
  • Summer School Begins Monday, July 6th!

    During this unprecedented time, ACPS is offering every student the opportunity to expand or refine their learning by providing summer learning through engagement and enrichment for all students. 

    Summer opportunities will include virtual asynchronous and synchronous learning, learning kits, and enrichment in the Arts. The educational programming will include the necessary support for students with disabilities, English learners and talented and gifted students.

    Access Summer School Zoom Classes PreK-Grade 2:

    1. Use the QR Code supplied earlier this year (and again via email) to access your student’s Clever account.

    2. Scroll down to “Teacher Pages”

    3. Choose the icon with “Teacher Name Summer Pages”

    4. On the first row you will find your student’s schedule under “Daily Lessons“

    5. Immediately to the right of this you will see the Zoom icon. This will take you straight to the teacher’s personal meeting room. Wait here until the teacher allows you in.


    Access for All Other Students and Courses:

     Students can access the courses they registered for and available boost courses in Edgenuity starting July 6th through Clever. 

    To access Clever, use these directions. 



    Payment for new credit courses can be completed through MySchoolBucks. 

    Online Learning Contract

    All students are required to complete the Online Learning Contract and submit to

    | En español (PDF) بالعربية (PDF)


    For more information refer to the Online Summer Learning Orientation Presentation (PDF)

    | En español (PDF)  | بالعربية (PDF)

  • Highlights and Overview

    Summer Learning will be for all students. Students who do not wish to participate will need to opt-out

    Most summer opportunities are free to all students, with the exception of new courses at T.C. Williams High School.

    Any student whose circumstances have been impacted by COVID-19 or is eligible for Free or Reduced Price Meals can access these classes for free by contacting their school counselor.  

    The goal of summer learning is to engage, enrich, and prepare students for the anticipation of September 2020 and is based on the following principles:

    • Engaging content paced to afford students the opportunity to self-monitor and receive feedback and coaching. Feedback and coaching are essential for student success in the virtual context.
    • Preparation for the next grade level for all rising sixth grade students and secondary students through boost/prep course.
    • Pre-K through fourth grade students will continue using learning kits and Chromebooks with an additional feature of virtual check-in or phone support for our pre-K through second grade students.
    • Feedback and grading are essential to Summer 2020. Students will receive feedback and coaching or grades for credit-bearing courses that will go on transcripts.


    Summer Learning Through Engagement and Enrichment for All (PDF)


    Summer Learning Hours

    Summer Learning will be offered Monday through Thursday from July 6, 2020 through July 31, 2020. 

    • Pre-K through eighth grade hours: 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 
    • High school hours: 9 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 

    NOTE: High school students will be expected to participate in either the morning or afternoon session, depending on the timing of the course in which a student is enrolled.


    Not available? See how to opt-out of summer learning

    For more information, refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for Summer Learning

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