Rising Kindergartners

  • Learning Activity Kit   

    ACPS will provide families with students currently in preschool with a variety of hands-on activities and resources in a Learning Activity Kit to help them continue to grow and learn during the summer. Pre-K families will receive a  Learning Activity Kit  towards the close of the school year in preparation for Summer Learning. 

    The Learning Activity Kit will focus on:

    •  Learning Through Exercise

    The Learning Activity Kit will include: hands-on materials, games and childrens’ books to support social skills development. It will also contain a family choice board with  ideas for art activities; outdoor fun, and science discovery; books to read together; and songs to sing.

    A study of exercise offers a meaningful way for young children to use early reading skills, math, the arts, and technology to investigate and represent their understanding of important concepts related to science, physical development, and social skills in a fun way. 

    Kindergarten Preparation (K Prep)

    This program is for all rising kindergarten students. More details will be posted to the Enrollment page on the ACPS website.

    Special Education Programs

    Summer Learning for All

    • Students with disabilities currently receive most of their special education services in the general education setting and who have shown progress in mastering content with or without special education supports and accommodations.
    • Provided accommodations listed on student’s IEP, as appropriate.
    • Provided special education support, services or consultation, as needed.

    Targeted Reading and Math Intervention - Summer Learning for Students with Disabilities

    • Students with disabilities who:
      • Require targeted reading or math intervention in the special education setting during the regular school year;
      • Receive special education services in the special education setting for reading or math; and/or, 
      • Have demonstrated difficulty mastering content in either area in order to progress in the general education curriculum.
    • Instructed utilizing reading and math intervention programs designed to address gaps in learning as well as increase reading and math skills.
    • Other individual needs, such as behavior and social skills, will be addressed as needed.

    Extended School Year (ESY)

    • Special education and/or related services provided beyond the normal school year for the purpose of providing a free appropriate public education (FAPE) to a student with a disability.
    • Consideration of ESY services is a part of the IEP process.
    • ESY services, if deemed necessary by the IEP team, will vary in type, length of time, and inclusion of related services, depending on the individual needs of the student.