Rising 10th-12th Graders

  • Some high school programs are available to all students, while others require a student to sign up and potentially pay to enroll in a class.

    Boost/Prep Classes for Math and English (Virtual, not for credit)

    Free for all students.

    Boost courses for English and math are accessible through a student’s Chromebook. This is an online course. It is a self-directed program with online teacher support. Students can access these courses on their own time. Teachers will be available to support students between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday through Thursday, July 6-29.

    2021 Boost Course Learning Paths (PDF)

    In-person Summer School for Credit Recovery (repeat courses)

    Free of charge for any student needing credit recovery.

    These are classes that need repeating or retaking in:

    • English
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Math

    24/7 Online Tutoring

    A free 24/7 tutoring service is available to all ACPS students in grades 6-12. Every session is one-on-one and individualized to the subject matter. For instructions and more details, refer to the 24/7 Online Tutoring Service webpage.

    High School Programs that Require Fees and/or Registration

    Students can sign up for the following fee-paying classes in two ways:

    • By completing an online form that will be available on the ACPS-at-Home website on May 26.
    • By contacting your school counselor.

    Any student whose circumstances have been impacted by COVID-19 or is eligible for Free or Reduced Price Meals can access these classes for free by contacting their school counselor.

    Online Summer School Courses for New Credit

    These online classes for new credit are available to current 9th-, 10th-, and 11th-grade students in:

    • English (English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12)
    • Math (Algebra I, AFDA, Geometry, Algebra II)
    • Social Studies (World History I, World History II, USVA History, USVA Government)
    • Science (Earth Science, Biology I, Biology II, Chemistry)
    • Health & Physical Education 9
    • Health & Physical Education 10
    • Economics and Personal Finance
      • Personal Finance (.5 course)
      • Economics (.5 course)

    AP Boot Camp (Virtual)

    One way that schools and districts prepare students for the demands of Advanced Placement coursework is through the use of “boot camps” that take place in the summer preceding AP course enrollment. The ACPS boot camp is designed for first-time AP students. The boot camp coursework helps students focus on the skills necessary to successfully complete a year in any Advanced Placement course. This goal is achieved through experiences designed to encourage teamwork, communication, organization, critical reading and writing as well as problem-solving. This virtual class is a two-week program, July 19-30, 2021.

    AP Calculus Boot Camp (Virtual)

    A two-week summer course that will build fundamental skills in preparation for an AP Calculus course through exposure to content and AP style questions needed for successful completion of an AP Calculus course and exam.

    Two major objectives:

    • Strengthening the core math skills needed to be successful in calculus such as factoring, graphing, and trigonometry.
    • Exposing students to the first two chapters of AP Calculus to help make a smooth transition for students into such a rigorous course.

    This will allow students to strengthen core skills needed for AP Calculus, while also exploring the first two chapters of calculus. AP Calculus Boot Camp will run July 19-30.