Summer Learning FAQ

  • Will learning kits and books be mailed home for virtual Summer Learning like last year? Will they be provided to all students or only to those who select virtual learning?
    Summer learning kits will not be mailed this summer. Kits will be given to students at their school before leaving for the summer. Summer materials will be provided to all students participating in summer learning (virtual and in-person) at grades pre-K through 8.

    One of my children was invited to in-person learning for summer. Can their siblings attend as well?
    Unless the other siblings were selected for in-person, we are unable to have the other siblings come in person.

    If a student is invited to attend in-person summer school, can they attend select weeks or do they have to attend all four weeks?
    Students should plan on attending all four weeks.

    I can’t commit to four weeks of virtual school this summer for my kids. Can they participate in one or two weeks?
    Because it is virtual, the student will have opportunities to complete asynchronous activities and complete work on their own time. We highly encourage the students to participate in the four weeks of summer learning to receive the benefit of teacher interaction.

    Will in-person learning for elementary summer school be at my child’s home school or possibly at a different school?
    Summer school locations are based on space capacity and building usage so it is a possibility that it could be at your child's home school or a different school. More information about school locations will be communicated to families soon.

    Where is the summer program being offered for middle school?
    George Washington Middle School.

    Where can I get more information about summer school courses for middle school students?
    See the Summer Learning pages for learning opportunities by grade level.

    Will there be a school bus for summer school?
    Transportation will be provided for students invited to participate in in-person learning.

    How do I find out what new credit classes are available for high school? What is their schedule?
    See the Summer Learning Opportunities for Rising 10th-12th graders. New courses will be the entire day, 7:45 am to 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday. You can speak to your child's counselor to know what new credit classes are available to your student.

    Can I withdraw my child from summer learning if it doesn’t seem like a good fit after they start?
    Yes, you can withdraw your student from summer learning.

    Are there any attendance requirements for virtual learning during summer?
    Students should be in attendance every day for their program. After missing three days students will be removed.

    I can’t commit to four weeks of virtual school this summer for my kids. Can they participate in one or two weeks?
    We would like students to be in attendance for the full program.