Collection and Return of Personal Items and School Materials


    ACPS Principals have been working closely with ACPS Facilities & Operations and Technology Services to ensure the safety of staff as we prepare to close-out the 2019-20 school year.  Individual school principals will provide specific information about closeout procedures at each school and all ACPS facilities will follow the universal guidelines listed below to ensure the safety of our staff. 

    Collection of Personal Items

    • All staff will have a designated date and time to enter the school building, in anticipation of the Governor of Virginia lifting the stay-at-home order. Building occupancy will be limited so staff must follow their allotted time on their assigned date to pack-up. 

    PPE and Safety Requirements

    • There will be one entrance open at each site to ensure all staff have appropriate PPE and temperature screenings prior to entry.  
    • All staff entering the building will be required to wear PPE and be screened. 
    • PPE must be worn at all times while on ACPS property. Upon being cleared at the temperature screening, wristbands will be provided and must be worn at all times in the building.  
    • Staff must remain 6 ft apart at all times, both inside and outside of the building. 
    • Only ACPS staff members will be permitted into buildings on designated days. Family members or friends will NOT be able to accompany staff members entering the school, including children of staff members.

    Packing Materials and Assistance

    • If you need physical assistance packing up your classroom or office or moving items to your vehicle, please alert Principal or designee and assistance will be provided. 
    • Boxes and tape will be provided. 
    • Virtual packing will be available with the help of Tech Services and professional packers or volunteers for staff that require this assistance. Please inform your principal if you will require this assistance prior to your packing day/time.

    Assistance with the Collection of Student Personal Items

    • Staff will be responsible for assisting in the collecting and labeling of student personal items for distribution to families in accordance with the ACPS plan.

    Non-Returning Staff Members - keys and fobs

    • Staff members who are not returning to ACPS will also turn in IDs, keys, fobs, laptops and other equipment at this time.

    Returning Staff Members - keys and fobs

    • All returning staff should bring and turn in keys and fobs.  Keys and fobs are to be placed in the provided envelope or plastic bag, which will be labeled. The envelope or plastic bag is to then be placed in the Key Collection box outside the classroom or office. 

    Principal/Designees will be in contact with individual staff to share access schedules. Please reach out to your individual Principal/designee if you have individual questions. 

    *NOTE: Procedures for Douglas MacArthur Elementary School are different from above. Please contact your administrator for details.


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