Reopening Planning Thought Partners

  • To achieve a smooth reopening or re-imagining of schools in the fall a committee of Thought Partners has been established who represent key elements of the school community.

  • Alexandria City

    Bruhn-Morris Family Foundation President
    Mrs. Lori Morris

    Campagna Center Chief Executive Officer
    Dr. Tammy Mann

    Chamber of Commerce – Board Chair
    Mr. Dave Millard

    City Manager
    Mr. Mark B. Jinks

    Mr. Justin Wilson

    Alexandria Health Director
    Dr. Stephen A. Haering

    Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)
    Alexandria Campus Provost
    Dr. Annette Haggray

    Department of Community and Human Services Director
    Ms. Kate Garvey

  • Alexandria City Public Schools

    Superintendent of Schools
    Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr.

    School Board Chair
    Mrs. Cindy M. Anderson

    Chief Accountability Officer
    Mr. Clinton Page

    Chief Academic Officer
    Dr. Terri H. Mozingo

    Executive Director of Secondary Instruction
    Dr. Gerald R. Mann, Jr.

    Chief Financial Officer
    Mr. Dominic Turner

    Chief of School and Community Relations
    Mrs. Julia Burgos

    Chief of Staff
    Dr. Stephen Wilkins

    Chief of Student Services, Alternative Programs, and Equity
    Dr. Julie Crawford

    Chief Technology Officer
    Dr. Elizabeth Hoover

    Education Association of Alexandria
    Mrs. Dawn Lucas

    Human Resources Executive Director

    Parent-Teacher Advisory Council President
    Ms. Katy Matthews


    • Ms. Pree Ann Johnson, James K. Polk Elementary School
    • Mrs. Pierrette Peters, Francis C. Hammond Middle School
    • Mr. Peter Balas, Alexandria City High School


    • Ms. Ashley Sandoval, Cora Kelly School for Math, Science, and Technology
    • Ms. Donita Muse, George Washington Middle School
    • Mr. Benjamin Hammond, Alexandria City High School

Thought Partner Sessions