The Superintendent's Message on Equity


    On June 2 2020, the Monday after the initial protests, Superintendent Dr. Gregory C. Hutchings, Jr. recorded a heartfelt message that was shared with the community confirming our collective responsibility for social reform.

    Dr. Hutchings was also part of a citywide panel on Facing Racism, Demanding Change.

    “This is a new time in all of our lives, when all lives must matter and we need to rethink our priorities and values. What has been tolerated for too long can no longer be tolerated. This is particularly true for our children who count on us to feel safe and secure where they live, play and learn,” Dr. Hutchings said.

    As a school division, we play a vital role in eliminating racial inequities. The ACPS 2020-2025 Strategic Plan “Equity for All 2025”, which will be our roadmap for the next five years, places racial equity at its heart. This 2025 Strategic Plan will be approved on June 26, 2020 by the Alexandria City School Board.