Survey 1 Results - May 4, 2020

  • ACPS received more than 11,000 responses to the May pulse survey. More than 5,500 students, 3,400 parents/guardians and 2,000 staff responded to the survey. More than 700 parent responses - or just over 20% - were in a language other than English.

    ACPS has identified the goal of providing equitable access and engagement to academic, social and emotional support to every student and staff member during the current school closure. To reach this goal, the key areas of instruction, technology access, nutrition, health and wellness, and communication were the areas surveyed.


    Key Survey Results (Week of May 4)

    Areas of strength. 

    • Parents (83%), students (88%), and staff (84%) reported a high level of satisfaction with instructional and academic supports
    • The majority of parents (81%), students (78%), and staff (82%) were also satisfied with social and emotional supports
    • High percentages of parents (86%) and staff (82%) feel well-informed about decisions made by ACPS.

    Areas of continued focus. 

    • Teachers reported concerns with student engagement in learning with 53% of teachers saying that less than half of their students engaged in learning within the last week. 
    • With these concerns over engagement, just over half of teachers agreed that students are making academic progress, compared with 84% of students and 78% of parents. 


    For more details, refer to the following:

COVID-19 Survey #1 Preliminary Subgroup Results

  • Primary Driver: Instruction

    Key Survey Measure: Overall Satisfaction with Instructional Support

    • 88% of students, 83% of parents, and 84% of staff are satisfied with the instructional support provided by ACPS.

    Key Survey Measure: Engagement (quantity)

    • 53% of student participants are working on schoolwork 3 or more hours per weekday on average.
    • 47% of teacher participants say 50% or more of their students engaged in class in the last week.

    Key Survey Measure: Engagement (quality)

    • Summary Data: 78% of parent participants, 84% of student participants, and 54% of teacher participants agree students are making academic progress at home.

    For more details, refer to the Instruction Survey Results (PDF)

  • Primary Driver: Technology

    Key Survey Measure: Barriers (Environmental vs. Logistical)

    • Environmental Barriers: distractions and responsibilities at home
    • Logistical Barriers: internet and other tech issues, needing help with schoolwork, not sure what to work on

    For more details, refer to the Technology Survery Results (PDF)

  • Primary Driver: Nutrition, Wellness, and Safety

    Key Survey Measure: Stress Management

    • Summary Data: 83% of parents, 71% of students, and 80% of teachers agree students are managing stress well.

    Key Survey Measure: Nutrition

    • Summary Data: 92% of parents agree they have access to enough food.

    For more details, refer to the Nutrition, Wellness, and Safety Results (PDF).

  • Primary Driver: Communication

    Key Survey Measure: Connectedness

    • 81% of parents and 74% of students feel connected to their school and teacher(s). 68% of teachers feel connected to their students.
    • 79% of teachers and 80% of all other staff feel connected to their coworkers.

    Key Survey Measure: Well-Informed

    • 86% of parents, 82% of teachers, and 83% of staff feel well-informed about decisions made by ACPS.

    For more details, refer to the Communication Survey Results (PDF).