Your School Representative on PTAC

  • In order to be able to hear voices from across every school during the Reopening Community Chats, ACPS has asked the Parent Teacher Association Council (PTAC) to serve as conduits for feedback and questions from their communities. You can send your questions, feedback and areas of concern to your school representative on PTAC via the email below:  

    PTA Council 


    Charles Barrett Elementary School 


    Cora Kelly School for Math, Science and Technology 


    Douglas MacArthur Elementary School 


    Ferdinand T. Day Elementary School 


    Francis C. Hammond Middle School 


    George Mason Elementary School 


    George Washington Middle School 


    James K. Polk Elementary School 


    Jefferson-Houston PreK-8 IB School 


    John Adams Elementary School 


    Lyles-Crouch Traditional Academy 


    Matthew Maury Elementary School 


    Mount Vernon Community School 


    Patrick Henry K-8 School 


    Samuel W. Tucker Elementary School 


    T.C. Williams High School 


    William Ramsay Elementary School