How We Communicate Information About COVID-19 and the Reopening of Schools

  • External Communication Process

    ACPS shares information in many different ways, including but not limited to: website, ACPS Express, email, school newsletters, ACPS and school social media, FAQs, video Q&As, videos, hotlines, text messages, postal mail, robocalls, personal phone calls, etc. We also respond to the many individual questions that come in each day on our feedback form, by email, and on social media. As often as possible, all communication is in four languages (English, Spanish, Arabic and Amharic).

    This is the process we have followed during the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to follow for communicating information about the reopening of schools.

    • Superintendent
      • School Board
      • City Manager, Mayor, City Council
      • ACPS Office of Communications
        • ACPS-at-Home website: Information is posted to the Reopening Planning section of the ACPS-at-Home website, initially in English, followed up by translation into Spanish, Amharic and Arabic. NOTE: The website has a built in auto translate function so any content is immediately available in any language via this function.
        • ACPS Insider or all-staff email
          • Principals
            • School email newsletters
            • School social media channels
            • Teachers with a request to ensure their students are aware
            • Internal communication channels (Athletics coaches, Band leaders, Student Advisory Committee leaders, Student Board representatives, International Academy students)
        • ACPS Express email newsletter in English to 20,000 recipients
        • ACPS Express text message of translated content to families whose preferred language of communication is Spanish, Arabic or Amharic
        • FACE team for communication to families who do not speak English as a first language and for help with questions they may have
          • Bilingual Hotline
          • Parent Liaison personal phone calls
        • ACPS social media channels (including in Spanish, Amharic and Arabic, when possible)
          • Social media influencers in the Alexandria community
        • Superintendent Q&A Video
        • Print mailers
        • Message posted to Canvas to alert students and staff
        • Robocalls (limited for messages of urgency or high importance)
        • News media
        • Response to individuals who have sent in questions/feedback by email, our feedback form, or on social media

    Reopening communications flowchart

  • Internal Communication Process

    Reopening communications flowchart