COVID-19 Spring School Closure Hotline Support

Hotline Support
  • Bi-Lingual Parent Liaisons supported families from across Alexandria and neighboring areas including members of our LatinX, Habesha, and Arabic speaking communities. In those three months (April through mid June) , our outreach, hotline and information support resulted in:

    • 2000 phone calls that averaged about 17 minutes.
    • 2,103 text messages

    Amharic Language

    891 phone calls 480 texts

    44.59% of all phone calls & 22.28% of all texts


    Arabic Language

    884 phone calls 1540 texts

    44.24% of all Phone call & 73.23% of all texts


    Spanish Language

    223 phone calls 83 texts

    11.16% of all phone calls & 3.95% of all texts


    Nutrition and Basic Needs

    School Nutrition and Student Meals

    State and Local Government Rental and Food Assistance Programmatic Support

    Phone calls: 820 Texts: 741


    Technology Support

    Document Translation and Interpretation Support

    Kajeet set-up support ZOOM Assistance

    Clever Support Chromebook Trouble Shooting 

    Phone Calls: 289 Texts: 512


    Academic and School Access Support

    SY20-21 Pre K and K Registration Support

    COVID-19 Pulse Survey 1&2 PTA Support

    Community Organization Volunteer Support

    Phone Calls: 889 Texts: 850


    Out of School - LINK Club Support

    Navigating School Closure Workshops

    3rd Grade Chromebooks Support

    Summer LINK Enrichment Program

    Phone Calls: 73



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