Highlights of Virtual Plus+

Virtual Plus
  • The Virtual PLUS+ Model

    Virtual PLUS+ was adopted by the Alexandria City School Board on Aug. 7 2020 as the model deemed feasible for ACPS to use for the start of the 20201-school year through the end of the first quarter.

    The Virtual PLUS+ model, a comprehensive plan for social, emotional and academic learning and family support, for the fall.

    It provides teaching and learning within virtual classrooms while providing additional support that students, staff and families will need to navigate the new content being taught, build relationships with teachers and staff, and stay connected to the school community.

    However, ACPS also recognizes that our students and families need additional in-person and virtual support. Virtual PLUS+ places equity at the heart of our planning and ensures that students who need additional in-person and virtual supports will have access to them. 

    Virtual PLUS+ is based on a model where all students will receive instruction virtually with enhanced support in five key areas, further extending the educational program that is already intended to mirror the traditional school day.


    The Five Key PLUS+ Areas

    Virtual PLUS+ Learning, providing social, emotional and academic supports

    Virtual PLUS+ Access, providing technology enhancements

    Virtual PLUS+ Food Access, providing a continuation of meal distribution

    Virtual PLUS+ Child Care, with child care options provided by our community partners with ACPS supports for our most vulnerable families

    Virtual PLUS+ Helpline, providing live multilingual phone support.

    NOTE: More details on the ‘PLUS+’ supports can be found on the ACPS-at-Home website under Virtual PLUS+ via the links above.



    Unlike during the spring semester, all students:

    • Will be graded on completed work
    • Will receive synchronous lessons in each subject area four days a week
    • Will receive devices and access to technology
    • Will have access to child care options in collaboration with our community partners
    • Will have access to expanded food options
    • Will have access to a multilingual phone helpline


    The Benefits

    The model :

    • Puts the safety of our staff, students, and families at the forefront. 
    • Takes into account the enormous logistical constraints posed by the global pandemic; 
    • Reflects input from our staff, students and families
    • Is aligned with our ACPS strategic plan, Equity for All 2025 - but offering additional supports for students who need them


    Equity at the Heart

    The model:

    • Is aligned with the 2025 Strategic Plan: Equity for All
    • Bolsters the whole child
    • Ensures an equitable learning environment while respecting the constraints the global pandemic places on education
    • Focuses on the five key areas deemed to be the most likely to hamper access to education, should they fall short


    A launch pad from which to build

    This is an outline of what is feasible. Our team will provide specific details regarding our comprehensive reopening plan at our School Board meeting next Friday, Aug. 7. 

    ACPS believes that the Virtual PLUS+ model is a strong launch pad from which to build as the division continues to plan for the return of in-person schooling as soon as it is feasible. We will continue to reevaluate how to expand services to build on this Virtual PLUS+ model.

    Stay tuned for announcements regarding details of these supports, and for information about additional supports that will build on the outline of this Virtual PLUS+ model as we move closer to the Sept. 8 start date.


    The Process

    ACPS has landed on the most feasible plan that is the safe and steady option when planning for reopening. Our tag-line for the reopening process is Safe. Steady. ReadyWe believe that our model is well thought through and well- planned. 

    ACPS has worked collaboratively, methodically and strategically with our citywide Thought Partners and Cross-Functional Planning Teams to determine this as the most feasible reopening model to begin the 2020-21 academic year. Paramount to the decision-making process was the adherence to CDC and state guidelines, designed to safeguard the health of our students, staff, and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. 



    ACPS will continually monitor the effectiveness of the Virtual PLUS+ model and will reassess at the end of the first quarter and every nine weeks subsequently. The model is designed to offer maximum flexibility as the local and regional landscape changes.

    On Aug. 14 2020, the plan will be submitted to the Virginia Department of Education for approval before the school year begins on Sept. 8.