Guiding Framework

  • 2025 Strategic Plan

    The Virtual PLUS+ model is based on the goals outlined in the 2025 Strategic Plan

    ACPS has pledged to provide an equitable, high quality education which is accessible and engaging to all students. 

    Virtual PLUS+ will include additional academic supports for some of our most vulnerable students, including one-on-one or small group tutoring.

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principals
  • ACPS used the following Guiding Principles during the design process of Virtual PLUS+

    • Increase Equitable Access to Improve Learning Outcomes for All Students
    • Ensure the Voices of Parents, Families, Students
    • Study Lessons Learned and Data for Preparation and Execution
    • Value Community Coordination and Collaboration
    • Build Trust and Allow Creative Ideas for Reopening
    • Embrace Flexibility While Facing Unprecedented Challenges
    • Ensure Clear, Consistent, and Frequent Communication


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