Preschool Sample Schedule (PreK)

  • The preschool schedule has been informed by balancing asynchronous and synchronous learning with consideration of developmentally appropriate practices.  Students will have opportunities to engage with teachers in large group, small group and one-on-one settings. The schedule will include times for progress monitoring to measure students’ progress.  Families will have the opportunity to connect individually with the teacher to learn how to support their child at home as well.  The students will be able to socialize with peers during morning meetings, small group, and Encore.  Time is reserved for outdoor exploration, play, lunch and rest time.  

    The preschool schedule provides opportunities for teachers to differentiate by addressing students’ strengths and needs through flexible grouping, support for social-emotional and self-regulation skills, Guided Language Acquisition. Development strategies (GLAD), and one-on-one instruction.  Teachers will engage closely with families so they can use these same strategies at home with their children.