Stadium Design

  • The design includes:

    • The addition of an eighth lane on the track
    • Replacement of the artificial turf
    • The addition of restrooms
    • A new concession stand
    • A ticket booth
    • Replacement of the score board and placement on the other end of the field
    • Egress safety lighting
    • A new press box to replace the condemned one on the other side of the field to improve the quality of lighting for images and video for media.
    • Field lighting
    • An upgraded the sound system to comply with the City of Alexandria’s Noise Ordinance, enhance the quality of the sound, disperse the sound via multiple speakers and direct it away from houses along the fence line.

    There have been six community meetings held around the design of the new stadium. In addition, four smaller meetings have been held with specific groups to resolve concerns that have arisen during the community engagement process.

    The design team made the following adjustments in line with community requests as a result of the community engagement process:

    • Separated the concessions from restroom/storage building to minimize massing of structures and spectators.

    Moved the footprint of the restroom/storage building to the north to create more space between the building and adjacent property line.

    • Flipped the restroom and storage facility to maximize the distance of the restrooms from nearby houses.
    • Added a new score board and moved its location.
    • Conducted a sound study to ensure the least disturbance possible from the new sound system.
    • Resolved the new location of the ticket booth.
    • Discussed options around installing higher poles to minimize the glare from field lighting. The original design complied with the City Ordinance of 60 feet. ACPS is intending to work with the City over the summer to request a change to the ordinance to increase the height of the poles to 70 feet and 80 feet to further minimize glare.

    Community meetings have been recorded and can be viewed on our main Parker-Gray Stadim page. A final community meeting will be held in late spring around stadium usage and scheduling use of the field.