K-8 School Schedule

  • The Virtual PLUS+ model provides teaching and learning for students within virtual classrooms that will teach new content, provide instructional support, build relationships with teachers and staff, and help students stay connected to the school community. For the K-8 schools, the Virtual Plus+ schedule consists of asynchronous and synchronous learning models.

    For the elementary grades, the K-8 schedule is closely aligned with the elementary school schedules. Mondays are held as a staff planning day and asynchronous learning day for students. The classroom schedule Tuesday through Friday is similar to a brick and mortar school day providing core instruction in ELA (English Language Arts), Math, Science and Social Studies, Encore, and a dedicated block for SEAL (Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning). The needs of students with disabilities will be met in accordance with their IEP requirements in a virtual setting. Elementary schools will meet the needs of English learner (EL) students in a virtual setting through direct services from EL teachers through the general education classroom and/or time set aside for intervention services.

    For the middle grades, the K-8 schedule is closely aligned with the middle school schedules. Tuesday through Friday are synchronous learning days, and follow a 4x4 (A-Day/ B-Day) schedule. The synchronous instructional learning model includes 60-minute block periods utilizing a station rotation model. The instructional day begins at 8:00 a.m. with dedicated SEAL time. Starting with this time allows students to understand the value of emotions, build emotional intelligence, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, make responsible decisions, maintain positive relationships, and create and maintain a positive school climate.

    Tuesday and Thursday are considered A days in which students attend blocks 1,3,5, and 7. Wednesday and Friday are B days in which students attend blocks 2,4,6, and 8. Block 8 is an additional online support for students. During block 8, students will participate in scheduled extended advisory, school counselor-led Wellness Wednesday and Fitness Friday, which further supports social and emotional learning. The instructional day ends with 40 minutes of office hours in which teachers can provide additional instructional support for students.

    Across all grades, content lessons will include whole group instruction followed by independent practice with options for small group work with a teacher or specialist. This gradual release model is similar to in-person learning, and ensures that virtual learning is not a continuous screen time experience.

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