ACPS Partners

  • ACPS values the role that external organizations play through the services and programs that they offer to our students, staff, and community. They encourage a sense of community ownership of our schools and support the development of the academic, social, physical, creative, and emotional needs of students. We appreciate the continued strong relationships we have with partners, especially through this unprecedented time.

    You may fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming an official partner through the Office of Community Partnerships & Engagement.

    After submitting the form, here are the next steps that will occur:

    Step 1: Review of form submission below.
    The ACPS Community Partnerships and Engagement team will review the submitted form below and if aligned, work with a partner to create an official ACPS Partnership Agreement form.

    Step 2: Creation of an official ACPS Partnership Agreement
    The ACPS Community Partnerships and Engagement team will work with a partner and aligned leadership (Building/Department) to get an agreement through the stages to signature status. Preview a great example of a well-written, complete partnership agreement form (PDF).

    Step 3: Connect
    After the agreement has been signed and approved, the partner connects with aligned leadership/staff to establish the next steps of implementation.

    Step 4: Partner Support Implementation
    Partner implements the program. To ensure the partner is following ACPS policies and regulations, building/department leadership/staff will create a series of check-ins with partners, students, and families involved in partner programming.

    Step 5: Impact Review and Reflect
    The Community Partnerships & Engagement team will connect with the partner monthly to review and reflect on impact data and provide any needed support.

    Important Note:

    • If your programming or partnership involved any type of fee/cost, please visit our ACPS Vendor page to learn more as the form below is for any potential partner who does not charge a fee/cost.
    • If your programming does involve a fee/cost, you can also discuss the potential partnership with our PTA/PTAC organizations. Learn more about those organizations.
    • If you would like to simply provide information to students/staff of ACPS regarding your programming and charge a Fee/Cost, please visit our Communications PeachJar Flyer page.

    If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Mr. Kurt Huffman, Executive Director of Community Partnerships and Engagement at

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