Office of Student Support Teams

Student Support Teams
  • Every ACPS school has a dedicated Student Support Team (SST) composed of school counselors, school nurses, school psychologists, and school social workers. As a team, SST support students in the areas of:

    • Academics
    • College and career
    • Health and wellness
    • Social-emotional and behavioral development

    Student Support Teams work together to provide lessons and services to all students, as well as small-group and individualized interventions in alignment with the ACPS Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS).

    In addition, Student Support Teams serve as partners with teachers, administrators, and other school staff in planning for and implementing programs that build resilience, foster student strengths, and ensure that every child thrives to meet their goals. Further, Student Support Teams are available to assist families with questions or concerns they may have about:

    • Child development
    • Academic functioning
    • Mental health
    • Physical well being
    • Behavioral challenges
    • Access to school and community resources

    Student Support Teams work every day on behalf of students and families to remove barriers and ensure that students are fully available to learn and succeed in school.

    To learn more about SST and their services, please visit the links below:


    Darrell Sampson, MA, LPC, NCC
    Executive Director, Student Support Teams
    ACPS Central Office
    1340 Braddock Place, 5th Floor
    Alexandria, VA 22314