Areas of Focus for 2019-20

  • ACPS has six focus areas for the division for the 2019-2020 school year based on the Board’s FY2020 Budget Priorities.

    These are:  

    1. Educational Equity

    • Equity training for school board, administrators and school staff 
    • SEAL programming (PBIS, RP) to support social, emotional, and academic learning using responsive instruction
    • Academic areas including:
      • division-wide instructional resources
      • testing system such as MAP
      • school start times

    2. Budget Process

    • Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Organizational structure
    • CIP Budget revisions, additions and updates, security and technology upgrades
    • Operating Budget
    • Board/Leader professional learning on budgeting

    3. High School Project

    • Industry Advisory Board
    • Educational Design Team
    • Site analysis
    • Cost analysis
    • NOVA partnership
    • VT partnership
    • Concept selection (CHSN or 2nd HS)

    4. Douglas MacArthur Swing Space

    • DSUP
    • Renovations
    • Parking construction
    • Staggered school start times
    • Play areas
    • Relocation plan

    5. Strategic Plan

    • Mission, Vision and Core Values
    • Strategic Plan goals - Subcommittees
    • Metrics
    • Community engagement
    • Adoption of strategic plan
    • Cost analysis

    6. Audit Updates

    • Facilities including: facilities updates, facilities webpages, facilities monitoring and management systems
    • Human Resources including: customer service, retention and recruitment plans, onboarding system
    • TAG including: identification tools, push/pull out recommendation, middle school program delivery refinement
    • Students with Disabilities (SDW) monitoring action plan
    • Communications: establish an action plan to deliver recommendation

    These are aligned throughout the division so that focus areas are aligned with the Board’s budget priorities, the ACPS 2020 strategic plan and all division school and department Improvement plans. 

    See how the Board’s Budget Priorities align with the ACPS Areas of Focus and school and department Improvement plans.