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T.C. Williams
  •  Alexandria City School Board has begun a robust public engagement process to consider changing the name of T.C. Williams High School.

    T.C. Williams was named after Thomas Chambliss Williams when it opened in 1965. T.C. Williams, who was the superintendent of ACPS from the mid 1930s until 1963, resisted desegregation and argued that black and white students learned differently and should remain in separate schools.

    ACPS plays a vital role in eliminating racial inequities. Today, T.C. Williams High School is proud to educate students from 120 different countries, with 121 different languages spoken. Alexandria City Public Schools views our diversity as a strength. Ensuring racial equity is the heart of the school division’s Strategic Plan: Equity for All 2025. While we still have work to do inside our schools, the school’s name does not align with who we are as a community. 

    The decision to start the public engagement process followed a community petition that was sent to the School Board in June 2020. 

    Read our Frequently Asked Questions about the Proposed Name Change of T.C. Williams High School. 

    Read the Alexandria Cilty School Board Motion: Request to Rename T.C. Williams High School (PDF)

What’s in a Name? T.C. Williams Community Outreach Begins

  • We are getting started with our community education and engagement program around the possibility of changing the name of T.C. Williams High School. 

    We are critically aware that there is a pressing need in our schools, our community and our nation to find ways to talk about race constructively and respectfully. One of the ways that we can move forward is by acknowledging our own history, while refusing to allow that history to define who we currently are as a school division in the present.

    The public engagement process to reconsider the name of the school is outlined in School Board Policy FF (PDF) and Regulation FF-R (PDF)



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