Department of Financial Services

  • The mission of the Department of Financial Services is to serve as stewards of public funds while supporting ACPS in meeting division goals, including ACPS 2025 Goal 4, Strategic Resource Allocation. This is accomplished by providing exceptional customer service to staff, parents, and the community and promoting a friendly, respectful, and cordial work environment. The department is committed to excellence in all aspects of day-to-day operations.


    Please call Ramona Crawford, Administrative Assistant II, at 703-619-8040 to receive immediate assistance and/or to have your call directed to the appropriate staff member.

    For assistance in specific areas within Financial Services, please use the contact list below:

    • Accounting: 703-619-8041
    • Budget: 703-619-8044
    • Financial Systems: 703-619-8045
    • Mail Room and Business Center: 703-619-8046
    • Payroll: 703-619-8042 / Fax: 703-619-8982
    • Procurement: 703-619-8043
  • Dominic Turner

    Dominic Turner
    Chief Financial Officer
    ACPS Central Office
    1340 Braddock Place, 6th Floor
    Alexandria, Virginia 22314