Tips for K-2 Learning

  • Parent Tips for K-2 Learners

    Familiarize yourself with your child’s learning materials.


    Develop a school day routine and discuss the ACPS schedule for learning time with your child.

    Elementary students will have school from 8:00am-2:30pm

    More information about sample school day schedules can be found here. 

    Routines help children know what to expect each day and can improve their learning.

    Consider having your child help you decorate or illustrate a version of their schedule.

    Be sure to discuss anticipated changes to the schedule with your child in advance.


    Create a quiet, well-lit workspace for your child to do work. There should be enough space to write, color, or use their computer or tablet.

    Gather all your child’s learning materials, supplies, and technology and keep them in one place where your child knows how to access them.


    Ensure your child eats a healthy breakfast before getting started in the morning.


    Help them to begin the day’s learning, and to get each new task started.


    Reach out to your child’s teachers when they (or you!) need help!


    Give encouragement and celebrate your child’s achievements and efforts. Give positive feedback about how they are handling their learning.

  • Student Tips

    • Do your best work each day, even though we’re not in the school building, we’re still at school!  

    • Try to avoid getting distracted

      • Put away toys and games that might distract you from completing your work.
      • Ask the person taking care of you to turn off or lower the volume of noises nearby. 
    • Be sure to eat breakfast and use the bathroom before you start working.