Tips for 6-8 Learning

  • Tips for Parents

    • Define expectations. Agree on incentives to help your child focus on their work.


    • Agree on a quiet, well-lit workspace for your child to do their work. 
      • While you want their workspace to be quiet, place it in an area where you can monitor their online activities. 


    • Ask your child to gather all their learning materials, supplies, and technology and keep them in an easy to access place.


    • Ensure your child eats a healthy breakfast before getting started in the morning.


    • Check in with your child as they begin the day’s learning, during breaks/lunch, and at the end of each day’s work.


    • Remind your child to reach out to their teachers when they need help.


    • Encourage your child to maintain contact with friends through online methods or through social media - but continue to monitor your child’s social media use. Remind your child to be polite, respectful and appropriate, and to follow school expectations for digital citizenship in their interactions with others. Report unkindness, bullying, and other problems so that everyone maintains healthy relationships and positive interactions.


    • Give encouragement and celebrate your child’s achievements and efforts. Give positive feedback about how they are handling their learning.
  • Tips for Students

    • Find a quiet place to complete your work and keep all your study materials together.


    • Put in your best effort each day. 


    • Reduce distractions
      • Turn off social media or put your phone away when you’re working - you can build in time to check your phone at breaks. 
      • Turn the volume down or off of televisions, music streaming, or other devices while you are working. 


    • Have breakfast before getting started. Try to add healthy options like fruits and veggies and avoid sugary drinks and junk foods. 


    • Be sure to ask your teachers for help when you need it! Share new learning or challenges in  your distance learning.