Division Virtual PLUS+ Testing

Student Assessment
  • During the month of September,  ACPS prioritized student social and emotional wellness in the initial return to school under Virtual PLUS+. No division or state-required assessments were administered during this time. Instead, teachers focused on forging relationships, tending to students’ social and emotional health, and allowing for instruction to begin. 

    Starting in October, teachers will begin administering division required assessments to students in grades K-12. The division Virtual PLUS+ testing calendar for the fall can be found here. The purpose of these assessments is to determine how students are performing, so teachers can best meet individual student needs. These assessments will allow teachers to provide targeted instruction for students to best support them in their learning. These assessments are not linked to student progress reports or grades.

    Students will be administered these assessments in their Virtual Plus+ classroom by their teacher and other school staff. Schools are working hard to prepare students for taking tests in the virtual environment. Families may help by allowing students to answer assessment questions independently and have students ask any questions to the ACPS staff member administering the assessment to them. We want to ensure that the data we collect best represents the areas of strength and needs of our students as we work together to best support them. 

    Please know we have done all we can to prepare and best minimize any potential difficulties in administering these assessments in a virtual environment. We understand through our shared experiences that we may experience unavoidable technical difficulties and will be sharing next week more on what you can do should a problem occur. We thank you for your continued support as we work through the pandemic together.