Virtual PLUS+ Survey Results

  • Between September 25 and October 4, Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) administered three brief online surveys (one each to families, staff, and students) to seek feedback related to the opening of school. The brief surveys were designed to gauge stakeholder perceptions on how Virtual PLUS+ can be improved and next steps in planning for the transition back into our schools during the continuing COVID pandemic. This attachment includes a summary of overall results and key findings, results by survey topic with key findings, and appendices with additional disaggregated data.



    Response rates ranged from an estimated 48% of families, 55% of students, and 77% of staff. Black/African American families, Hispanic/Latino, and English Learner family representation is not quite representative of the student population. Among students there was underrepresentation of Hispanic/Latino, English Learner, and Students with Disabilities compared to the population. In comparison to previous four COVID surveys, family participation

    in this most recent survey was at the second highest, staff participation is on par with previous surveys, and student participation was at its highest. As with previous survey efforts, specific, targeted, and multifaceted outreach efforts were led by the Department of School and Community Relations and our school building leadership.


    Key Survey Results 



    Families, staff, and students reported similarly high rates of satisfaction with academic support/instructional resources and social and emotional support, ranging from 75% to 83%. 


    Family and Staff Likelihood to Return to School/Work


    Over half of families (64%) and staff (56%) reported being very or somewhat likely to return to school/work if in-person learning is offered that meets social distancing and social gathering guidelines, including required masks, six—feet apart expectations, and new cleaning practices.



    Most families (65%) and students (58%) feel that the amount of teacher—led live instruction time is ”just right”. Staff were almost equally divided between feeling that the amount of teacher—led live instruction time was too much (48%) and just right (47%).



    The amount of screen time was cited as the biggest challenge for students by families (51%), staff (56%) and students (48%). Perceptions of additional challenges for students varied by respondent group.



    High rates of having adequate technology were reported among families (93%) and students (95%), compared to 82% of staff. Of those who reported inadequate technology, families and students most frequently reported a need for high—speed internet while staff most frequently reported needing new/upgraded hardware. Most families (88%) are accessing the Internet through a home service.


    Most family (74%) and staff (62%) respondents felt the amount of communication received from ACPS around the Virtual PLUS+ model is ”just right". Almost three out of four families and a majority of staff have favorable perceptions of the communication they have received about the Virtual PLUS+ model.

    Family Safety Measure Support Needs

    Approximately half (53%) of family respondents noted a need for at least one support in adhering to safety measures necessary for reopening. Among specific categories of support proposed in the survey, need ranged from 35-42%.


    Family Childcare Needs

    One-third of families reported needing childcare at the start of the school year (n=2,461). Of those, 55% (n=1,345) are still in need of childcare or supervision.


    Family Transportation Preference

    Thirty-one percent of family respondents indicated that they would prefer ACPS transportation following social distancing guidelines.


    Staff Professional Learning Needs

    Among staff, the most frequently cited professional learning need was differentiating instruction in a virtual learning environment (32%). More than a quarter cited the need for professional learning on assessment in a virtual learning environment (26%) and keeping students engaged throughout the day (26%).


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