Community Discussions

  • ACPS is holding three Community Conversations on the renaming of our schools. These sessions are based around the following questions.

    • What does a name mean? (Can a name promote pride? Trigger harmful memories?)
    •  Which of your personal beliefs is weighing most heavily as you contemplate the decision to change or to not change the names of the two schools currently being considered?
    • What is the most important community value that should be considered when deciding to change or not change the name of a school?
    • Renaming schools is one way of reckoning with Alexandria's history. What additional actions or alternative ways should ACPS consider to achieve this?

Community Conversation #1



The first Community Conversation on the renaming of our schools includes a full and frank discussion of the issues with Earl Cook, ‘71 Titan who served as the Alexandria Police Department chief of police for 37 years, Audrey Davis, director of the Alexandria Black History Museum and School Board member Ramee Gentry.

Community Conversation #2


  • Featuring:
    Gwen Day Fuller
    Ericka Miller
    Michelle Rief, School Board
    Ashley Sanchez-Viafara


October 28, 2020 - Community Conversation #3


  • Featuring:
    Chris Harris '92, President - Alexandria NAACP
    Sindy Benavides '00, CEO - League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)
    Margaret Lorber, School Board Member
    Ashley Sanchez-Viafara, T.C. Williams student representative to the School Board