Virtual Parent-Teacher Conferences with Interpretation

  • There are two ways to provide interpretation during parent-teacher conferences through Zoom.

I. Zoom Meeting with Families using the Language Line

  • Staff connects Zoom audio through phone and merges in Interpreter through phone.

    This way is easy and more efficient as you do not need to pre-schedule. It is also more cost effective given per minute billing for actual used time (as opposed to hours) and there are no cancellation fees.

    1. Connect to Zoom Meeting audio by phone

    On the day of the conference, start your Zoom meeting and connect to the audio through your phone (as opposed to the computer).

    2. Use your Phone to Add/Merge Language Line Interpreter Call (using a conference-call or “add call” feature).

    1. On a smartphone, tap “Add/Add Call.”
    2. Dial the Language Line 800 number and input your school’s access code.

    3.  Listen for the prompt saying, “Press 1 for Spanish. Press 2 for other languages.”

    4.  After following the prompts to the appropriate language, an interpreter typically comes on the line within seconds. (As your phone’s audio is connected through Zoom the family will hear the interpreter.)

    5. Click “Merge/Merge Call”. 

II. Zoom Meeting with Families and Interpreter

  • Interpreter connects as a participant directly through Zoom.

    For division-wide parent-teacher conference dates, interpreter request forms must be submitted 10 school days in advance. For parent-teacher meetings on other dates, submit 5 school days in advance.

    1. Schedule an Appointment Time for Families

    1. Confirm parent conference dates and times with the families prior to submitting the interpretation requests via the online request form. [It may be helpful to create a system/tracking sheet for confirming appointment times for parents and listing Zoom information (link, password, etc.).]
    2. Finalize the school-wide schedule (which requires interpretation) at least 11 school days prior to the date of the conferences.

    2. Submit Interpreter Request Form

    1. Once the school-wide conference schedule is finalized (and no less than 10 school days in advance of the conference date), place the request(s) through the online interpreter request form.
    2. Remember that one interpretation form should be submitted for each language listing the total number of interpreters needed, hours, and start time.

    3. Send Zoom Information to Assigned Interpreter

    1. Once you receive the interpreter contact information (e-mail address), send the interpreter(s) his/her individual schedule including the times of each conference and Zoom meeting access information (links, password, etc.).
    2. Should there be any issues that arise on the day of the conference – e-mail the interpreter/company directly for quick resolution as it relates to this conference only.